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IZIP E3 Peak DS - 2017

All the power of IZIP's e-bike technology and the versatility of a dual-suspension mountain bike make the E3 Peak DS the go-to choice for electrically powered adventure. This sturdy electric bike is energized by a Bosch CX Performance Line motor, and features a hybrid pedal assist with a convenient… [more]

Haibike SDURO AllMtn RC - 2016

Fear neither terrain nor fatigue when you take off on your Haibike SDURO AllMtn RC. This agile, powerful off-road performer combines the whip-quick fun of the modern trail bike with the pure, unbridled assist of Yamaha's Pedelec motor. With suspension from RockShox, quality Shimano drivetrain… [more]

Haibike SDURO AllMtn SL - 2016

Agility, comfort, and all-mountain durability are all at your fingertips in Haibike's SDURO AllMtn SL. A centered, neutral position is perfect for long days in the saddle, and the hydroformed aluminum frame is stiff and responsive enough to deliver big speed out of every pedal stroke. The Yamaha… [more]

Haibike SDURO FullNine RC - 2016

Fast, agile, and just the right amount of travel, Haibike's 100mm-travel SDURO FullNine RC perfectly balances efficiency and comfort. Well thought-out components, a central seating position, and Haibikes SES suspension design makes this bike ideal for touring off-roaders. The Yamaha motor system… [more]

Haibike SDURO FullNine RX - 2016

The fast and agile SDURO FullNine RX full suspension Haibike models are the perfect balance of efficiency and comfort. Perfectly matched components, a central seating position, as well as a dynamic design, make this line ideal for touring off-roaders. The Yamaha motor system perfectly marries… [more]

Haibike SDURO Nduro RX - 2016

Haibike has combined the power of the Yamaha drive with the white-knuckle fun of Enduro riding to create the SDURO Nduro RX. The smooth-yet-powerful assistance offers a pure off-road feeling on all trails, while allowing you to tackle difficult climbs or barrel through big obstacles with abandon.… [more]

Haibike XDURO Cross RC - 2016

A stylist, sporty, dynamic city explorer, commuting companion, and all around fun ride, the XDURO Cross RC is the perfect hybrid-style Haibike for casual, fun riding. The stiff, responsive aluminum frame comes in a high or low step-through height, so you're only bound to your most comfortable… [more]

Haibike XDURO FatSix RX - 2016

The XDURO FatSix RX is the Haibike for rough terrain, adventurous riding, and big fun. 26-inch wheels and fat 4-inch wide tires make it perfect for barreling through snow and down your favorite singletrack. A specially designed geometry with optimized bottom bracket height and neutral steering… [more]

Haibike XDURO FullSeven RC - 2016

Haibike's XDURO FullSeven RC combines high quality spec with a rugged, sporty frame to create an all-mountain beast that'll make any mountain biker drool. Dial the excitement up a notch with the stiff, responsive aluminum frame, high quality component spec, and incredibly fun ride. The Bosch CX… [more]

Haibike XDURO FullSeven S Pro - 2016

Tackle your favorite trails with the XDURO FullSeven S PRO. This S-Pedelec version of Haibike's FullSeven Pro can reach speeds of 28 miles per hour thanks to Bosch's 350 watt mid-drive motor. The Bosch motor system brings peak performance to your Haibike. The CX DriveUnit delivers a maximum torque… [more]

Haibike XDURO Hardseven Plus RX - 2016

Haibike's EXDURO Hardseven Plus RX combines plus-size tires with the efficiency of their Bosch pedal-assist motor, so you can climb and descend technical trails with plenty of traction and power. 27.5 x 3.0-inch tires provide stability, better roll-over ability, amazing cornering, and huge bonuses… [more]

Haibike XDURO Trekking RX - 2016

Haibike's XDURO Trekking RX is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable commuter and weekend explorer. The Bosch CX DriveUnit motor delivers a maximum torque of 75Nm to create huge power, and a long-toothed motor pulley minimizes the chances of chain drop. Extremely responsive sensors measure… [more]

Haibike Xduro Trekking RX Low-Step - 2015

Haibike brings their innovative technology to the city streets with their Xduro Trekking RX Low-Step. A 400W Bosch Centerdrive motor provides an ample boost to zoom you up and over every hill you can find. Since the motor is incorporated low in the frame, this bike handles like an absolute dream.… [more]

KHS Flite 780 - 2013

KHS' Flite 780 is a luxuriously comfortable, incredibly fast ride. Its carbon frame and fork are efficient and responsive, while the thin seat stays provide flex and forgiveness hours into a ride. And, Mavic’s ultra-smooth Aksium wheels accelerate and climb with ease, Gracing the frame is Shimano’s… [more]

KHS Flite 950 - 2013

KHS' Flite 950 features Shimano's innovative Ultegra Di2 electronic gruppo that gives you smooth, near-telepathic shifts. It's so good, you'll have to ride it to experience the rapidity and precision of the gear changes. Stop by the shop and we'll talk. But, let's not overlook the rest of the… [more]

KHS Flite Team - 2016

If the cheering of a speed-crazed crowd is second in your heart only to the sound of open road solitude, KHS’s Flite Team is waiting for you. Its High-Modulus T800 MSD carbon frame begs to be railed through high-speed corners and delivers adrenaline-spiking acceleration while still offering… [more]

KHS Flite Team - 2013

KHS' Flite Team will help you reach the top of the podium and ride faster and farther than ever. It boasts KHS's high-modulus carbon frame and fork for incredible power transfer, plus amazing compliance for a truly impressive ride you won't be able to get enough of. And this rocket keeps getting… [more]

Marin Cortina CX Pro - 2016

If the smell of embrocation sparks your brain’s pleasure center, Marin’s Cortina CX Pro is waiting for you. Cyclocross glory hinges on quick acceleration and bike handling, which is why the Cortina’s T3 carbon frame features beefy chainstays and thin seatstays, creating a smooth-riding acceleration… [more]

Marin Cortina T3 CX Pro - 2015

Prime your engine and get ready to rock it on Marin’s Cortina T3 CX Pro. Effortlessly shoulder the lightweight carbon Cortina for a quick ascent; remount, and power through the straight away as the stiff, PressFit30 bottom bracket transfers your every watt into forward motion. The tapered carbon… [more]

KHS CX 550 - 2016

Your adrenaline levels ramp up and your embrocation is kicking in nicely. As you clip in and fight for the hole shot on your KHS’s CX 550, the cowbells and cheers fade to the back of your mind. The T800 superlight carbon frame that converts all of your leg and lung output into forward momentum… [more]

KHS CX 550 - 2015

KHS' CX 550 knows what you're thinking: it rained last night and the race course is probably a little frozen, and that means it's time to ride! The 550's got you covered on those bumpy frozen ruts thanks to the full carbon frame and fork that soak up vibrations and amp up responsiveness on the… [more]

Marin Attack Trail 8 - 2016

Enduro rippers, take note, the Attach Trail's stiff, 6061-aluminum frame teams up with Marin's QUAD 3 suspension platform, using a RockShox Monarch RT Debonair rear shock to deliver 150mm of no-compromise travel. Together, they keep your rear tire glued in the gnarliest corners. Up front, a… [more]

Marin Attack Trail XT8 - 2015

What should an enduro bike be? It should be capable. Marin's Attack Trail XT8 has a RockShox Pike up front with 160mm of travel and a rockShox Monarch out back. It should be tough. The Attack's gracefully hydroformed 6061 aluminum frame sports a tapered headtube as well as front and rear Maxles for… [more]

KHS Prescott - 2016

Marathons, cross-country, ultra-endurance races—KHS’s Prescott is ready to get you to the podium. A gorgeous, race-ready MSD carbon frame delivers 100mm of travel via a RockShox Monarch RT3 shock, and is paired with a 100mm-travel RockShox Reba RLT fork for smoking-fast terrain handling that will… [more]

KHS Prescott - 2015

Take to the trails and revel in the big-wheel bliss of KHS's Prescott. This racy carbon 29er steed boasts the efficient ride of a 4-bar linkage and 100mm of RockShox suspension front and rear to maximize your traction and control. A 2x10 drivetrain from Shimano keeps you in the right gear on any… [more]

KHS SixFifty 6500 - 2016

You don’t like limits and neither does KHS’s SixFifty 6500. That’s why it puts you on 140mm of front and rear travel masterfully orchestrated by a custom formed and butted aluminum frame stroking a RockShox Monarch RT3 HV shock out back and a RockShox Revelation RLT fork up front. It rolls on a… [more]

KHS SixFifty 6500 - 2015

KHS's SixFifty 6500 is fast, flickable, and ready to tear down the trail. Its light double-butted 6061-aluminum frame provides efficient pedaling through gnarly rock gardens and up steep climbs. With 140mm of front and rear travel courtesy of the tapered Revelation RLT fork and Monarch RT3 Solo… [more]

KHS SixFifty 6500 - 2014

KHS's SixFifty 6500 is fast, flickable, and ready to tear down the trail. Its light aluminum frame provides efficient pedaling through gnarly rock gardens and up steep climbs. With 140mm of front and rear travel courtesy of the tapered Revelation RLT fork and Monarch RT3 Solo rear shock, this rig… [more]

KHS SixFifty 7200 - 2016

Live for the downhill and live through the uphill with KHS’s enduro expert—the SixFifty 7200. The custom formed/double butted aluminum frame delivers 160mm of travel engineered with a RockShox Monarch RT shock out back and a RockShox Pike RC soaking up another 160mm of terrain in front. A… [more]

KHS SixFifty 7200 - 2015

The best descents are usually at the end of the best climbs, so hop on KHS’ SixFifty 7200 and tackle both aggressively. Take your rowdiness up and down the mountain thanks to the efficient KHS 6061-aluminum frame with 160mm of plush travel courtesy of RockShox, and bomb through the chatter with the… [more]

45 Results
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