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Re-Cycle started as a CraigsList post in Minneapolis in 2005. Today we are...

An Online Shop
 where you'll find gazillions of
 new products from our trusted wholesalers as well as our used collection gathered part by part and bike by bike through Recovery Bike Shop in Minneapolis. We are just beginning to add our used parts collection to these pages, so if you don't see something you need, just ask.

Recovery Bike Shop in Northeast Minneapolis where you can browse hundreds of new and reconditioned used bicycles. Our service mechanics can handle just about anything you can throw at them. If you are in the Twin Cities, stop by anytime and say hi.

A Resource for Used Bicycle Buyers and Sellers with tools designed to complement your CraigsList postings. Don't stop what you're doing, just do it better. Include a link to your shop page when you post a bike on CraigsList to deliver craigslist customers the complete selection of bikes you have available. Buyers can view all of YOUR bikes at a glance rather than sifting through hundreds of other bicycle ads. helps make your CL postings stand out.

A Repository for Bicycle History where you'll find the stories of innovation that ushered in the automobile, helped the Wright brothers take us to the air, and still get children riding on two wheels. Caveat: we have a soft spot for Schwinn's epic, century-long history.


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