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Leatt Hydration Cargo 3.0 DBX
The DBX 3.0 Cargo hydration backpack features a larger storage and bladder capacity, as well as a higher protection level. This backpack offers a 13-liter capacity in total—10-liter storage and 3-liter bladder. Equipped with many outer and inner compartments as well as an included tool storage card, the design enables easy structuring of your essentials. It also features a convenient external carrier system for a half- or full-face helmet as well as a neck brace. This revised bag features a back protection panel that is constructed from soft 3DF AirFit impact foam. This foam absorbs impact to take those hard knocks and is certified to CE level 2. The foam uses a sandwich-type layout, which allows for relative movement between layers. This results in easier bending and more comfort for the rider whilst maintaining the same level of impact absorption. The back section of the backpack is made of AirLine mesh for ventilation, and to keep your liquid cool, the bladder pocket is insulated. The hydration tube can now be routed not only over the shoulder but also under the left or right arm. All new Leatt backpacks also come with improvements, including new buckles for shoulder strap adjustment (which are even more solid than the aluminum ones used before), a more secured adjustment system at the ribs with additional Velcro straps, as well as a new tool card. - 3.0L Hydration and 10L Cargo - New unique chest harness for rock-solid fit - CE tested and certified as impact protection: - Back EN1621-2 Level 2 - Full-face helmet and neck brace carrier system - Heat resistant, encapsulated bladder pocket - Waterproof, touch screen, and removable mobile phone pouch - Optimal AirLine back ventilation - Stretch mesh bladder pocket - Articulating rib panels for various body sizes - Backpack with outer and inner compartments, as well as a sealed tool compartment and removable tool storage card - The hydration hook can be positioned on left or right harness - Safety whistle included - Water bottle holders - Dual hydration tube for two-way routing – over the shoulder or under the arm - Optimized Fit with or without a Leatt neck brace
Leatt Hydration DBX Mountain Lite 2.0
This hydration backpack offers a slim, ultra-light fit as well as premium multi-impact back protection. Its total storage volume is three liters, comprising of a two-liter bladder and one-liter luggage capacity. With a brand new shoulder strap adjustment, a lightweight chest harness, and a more secure adjustment system, the bag hitting your helmet when you are going downhill is a thing of the past. Serving not only as a hydration system, but also as back protection with a removable back protector, the back area further offers ventilation due to its AirLine mesh construction. A key new feature of the hydration range is that the hydration tube can now not only be routed over the shoulder but also under your left or right arm. Your full-face helmet and neck brace will fit on the external carrier system, and the heat reflective inner back panel will keep your liquid cool or hot. The backpack is further lined with reflective piping and includes a safety whistle. - 2.0L Hydration and 1.0L Cargo - Unique lightweight chest harness for a rock-solid fit - CE tested and certified as impact protection: Back EN1621-2 Level 1 - Light, durable outer shell - Carrier system for full-face/MTB helmet and neck brace - Dual hydration tube for two-way routing—over the shoulder or under either arm - Optimal AirLine back ventilation - Heat reflective inner back panel to keep liquid cool or hot - Stretch mesh bladder pocket - Removable tool storage card - The hydration hook can be positioned on left or right harness - Reflective safety piping and safety whistle - Optimized Fit with or without a Leatt neck brace
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