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Burning Man Rental

Hammer And Cyclery is a full service bicycle repair shop on the Playa serving approximately 3000 Burners a year. Help fund our effort by renting one of our bikes and picking it up when you get to Burning Man.

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Burning Man Bicycle Rental - 2018
$175.00 - $325.00

*** SOLD OUT *** Rent a bike now, pick it up when you get to Burning Man, Aug 25-Sept 3, 2018, 10:30am to 5:30pm daily. We have been placed on the corner of 3:30 and Gort. Look for Hammer And Cyclery there! $325 price includes $150 refundable deposit when you return your undamaged bike to our camp… [more]

Burning Man Basket - 2018

*** OUT OF STOCK *** Mounts to handlebar with a lift-off bracket Powder coated steel mesh construction Capacity: 11 pounds Dimensions: 14.5x8.5x7" [more]

Burning Man Combination Lock - 2018

*** OUT OF STOCK *** Standard braided combination lock (no key to lose!). Rubber coated cable protects your bike. Set your own combination. Long enough to lock up two bikes so you only need to carry one lock! [more]

Burning Man Spare Tube - 2018

*** OUT OF STOCK *** Don't get stuck with a useless bike just because of a simple flat. Pick up a couple of extra tubes. (Burning Man renters will have their tubes delivered to the Playa along with their bike. We will make sure your tube is the correct size for your bike.) [more]

Clean Motion Beam Bugs (pair) - 2018

*** OUT OF STOCK *** A simple (cute) safety light that is easy to install just about anywhere on your bike. Purchase includes a front (white light) and rear (red light). [more]

5 Results