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Suntour BL Groupset (front, rear derailleurs, shifters)

This is a Suntour BL groupset. It includes the front (FD-1900) and rear (RD-3200) derailleurs, as well as shifters (LD-3200). All pieces are in relatively good shape. The rear derailleur is missing the barrel adjuster for the cable, but one could be obtained relatively easily. This is a used… [more]

Suntour Cyclone M-2 Front and Rear Derailleur GT

This is a pair of Suntour Cyclone M-2 GT derailleurs. The GT stands for 'grand touring', and thus was made to allow a wider range of gears. Notice the length of the rear derailleur as an example. It is a friction-only 5-speed rear derailleur. Front derailleur can be set up on a 2x or 3x drivetrain.… [more]

Simplex Prestige Group Set

This is a group set (front derailleur, rear derailleur, and shifters) made by Simplex. It is a vintage, rare 5-speed friction set containing a Prestige rear derailleur. This is a used product and is sold as-is. Photo is representative. We do our best to represent products accurately, but be aware… [more]

Shimano 400 Front and Rear Derailleur

This is a set of Shimano 400 front and rear derailleurs. They are model number EC-400 (front) and DC-450 (rear). They are compatible with 5-speed friction-only drivetrains. The rear derailleur is in satisfactory condition but works well. The front derailleur is in great shape and functions with… [more]

Shimano Exage Mountain Front and Rear Derailleur

This is a Shimano Exage Mountain set of a front and rear derailleur. This particular set is 6-speed compatible and is in excellent shape. A few scratches, but works flawlessly. These were popular on mountain bikes from the late 1980's to early 1990's. This is a used product and is sold as-is. Photo… [more]

5 Results