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Burning Man Bicycle Rental
$175.00 - $325.00
Rent a bike now, pick it up when you get to Burning Man, Aug 24-Sept 2, 2019, 10:30am to 5:30pm daily. (Playa addresses announced in early July). $325 price includes $150 refundable deposit when you return your undamaged bike to our camp by 5:30pm Monday Sept 2. Final bike rental cost is $175. Please bring your own bike lock and lights (or add these to your order). Reserve your bicycle rental for Burning Man 2019 now! More info at our camp page HammerAndCyclery.com. PICK UP: We will be trucking in all of the bikes for our renters to PICK UP WHICHEVER DAY YOU ARRIVE (10:30am to 5:30pm) at our camp (addresses announced in July). We are open Saturday Aug 24 to Monday Sept 2. When you complete a reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. Burning Man is a relatively analog world, so print the confirmation email and bring it with you when pick up your bike. Your printout will help us find your reservation quickly. Sizing: Our bikes are harvested from our used bike shops in Minneapolis. We bring a wide variety of brands, styles, and sizes. You can pick out your bike on the Playa. DEPOSITS: In order to receive your $150 deposit the bike must be returned in the same shape that it is rented. Necessary repairs (beyond cleaning and tuning) will be paid for from your deposit. If you wish to keep your rental bike we will simply keep your deposit and wish you well. After Burning Man, we will make all reasonable efforts to return your deposit. This process can take up to a month. However, if we are unable to return your deposit because of events beyond our control (such as the expiration of your credit card or a change in PayPal policy), and we are unable to reach you for instructions on how to return your deposit to you, we will hold your deposit for you for 13 months. After this time, we will charge a $25 per month service fee to your account. PLEASE NOTE: You are paying for us to transport a bicycle to and from Burning Man for you. You are paying for us to hold a bicycle for you to use. You are paying for us to maintain that bicycle. Whether or not you pick up or use your bicycle rental is immaterial. Our costs and obligations remain the same. You will not be refunded for unclaimed bicycle reservations. RENTERS PLEASE NOTE: Any mechanic work offered during the Burning Man festival will be our gift to you. Do not expect us to solve all of your cycling problems as we may not have the parts, tools, or stamina necessary to fix all issues. Renters are ultimately responsible for the condition of their bike. CANCELLATIONS may be made within 50 days of the day you made your reservation, but no cancellations are allowed after Aug 10, 2019. Finally, it's okay if you fall in love. Many Burners have discovered a unique and almost mystical connection to their bicycle after a good Burn. If this happens, don't suffer from separation anxiety. Take your new friend home and introduce her/him to your mother. We will keep your deposit and wish the two of you all the best in your new life together. Note: Picture is not a photo of the actual bicycle you will be riding. Re-Cycle, Inc. is a privately owned company and does not have any official affiliation with Burning Man or Black Rock City, LLC. LIABILITY RELEASE (please read) If you are picking up a bike for someone else, they must also agree to these terms. Please direct them to http://hammerandcyclery.com/rental_liability_release.html to view the liability release. By renting from Hammer And Cyclery and Re-Cycle, Inc. you are agreeing to the following. In consideration of the rental of the above described equipment by Re-Cycle, Inc., I hereby release fully and discharge Re-Cycle, Inc., its owners, agents, and employees from any and all liability resulting from any personal injury to myself or damage to my property which is caused in any way by the negligent acts or failures to act of Re-Cycle, Inc., or any of its owners, agents, or employees in the adjustment, inspection, maintenance and/or rental of the equipment, and/or in the instructions given or not given to me concerning the equipment and its use, and/or from my use of this equipment. I accept for myself full responsibility for any and all injuries or damages of any kind which may result from the use of the bicycle and I will HOLD HARMLESS Re-Cycle, Inc., its owners, agents, and employees for any injury sustained by me while using the bicycle. In the event that I am renting on behalf of another individual, I represent that I have full authority to do so, realizing this release is binding upon all renters as well as myself. I furthermore understand that it is my responsibility to inform those that I represent of the conditions of this agreement. I acknowledge that I have carefully read this release of liability and understand its contents. I am aware that by signing this release, I am waiving certain legal rights, inclu

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